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WebRTC: Native or Not?

The WebRTC focus, to date, has been on the browser. Early implementations of the technology have utilized the large, pervasive base of WebRTC enabled browsers.

But that, of course, is set to to change.  For one thing, WebRTC will be making its way to mobile devices. For another, WebRTC isn’t the only show in town. Just as mobile phone vendors chose to ‘fork’ their own variants of Android, so we’re seeing the emergence of RTC apps that make use of other ‘non-standard’ APIs that might provide a better mobile platform experience.

In our kick-off survey we ask the community about this very subject – whether, once mobile hits the mobile device, users will use enhanced WebRTCified browsers on their devices, or whether the emerging, RTC-enabled native apps will leave the browser standing. Or the other option, of course, is that the big OS honchos might just code the functionality into the mobile OS. It remains to be seen if they’ll stay true to the standard.

If you have a view please do complete our short kick-off survey.  Early indications are that it takes only 4 minutes to complete.


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