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Drum: An Interview with the CEO


Drum is one of several WebRTC based conferencing sites that have been brought to market in 2013. However, this one is slightly different. For one thing, Drum has been developed by UK based NetDev (based in Brighton) – a company that has already earned its laurels building communications applications for some very serious customers. For another, Drum unashamedly aligns WebRTC with SIP to allow non-browser users to use the service. In that respect it’s an interesting and feature-rich alternative to some of the premium conferencing solutions on the market.

Drum is a product and showcase (for NetDev) for what’s possible using standard point and shoot widgetry: quick and easy web collaboration with customers. The Drum site is a fully working examplar to show how the technology can be implemented by enterprises – either on a white label basis or via embedded web functionality.

We used Drum to allow John Logsdon, NetDev (and Drum’s) Chief Executive, to give us an overview of Drum and his company’s vision of a WebRTC-enabled future. The video is a grab from a conference conducted using Drum – and the slides in the video are those that John used in the session to present to us. We’d recommend you watch the video full-screen to appreciate Drum’s user interface.


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