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Our conference call using with Svein Willassen (right) from Comoyo , Kevin Franklin (top left) and Jeff Peel (bottom left).

Earlier today we interviewed Svein Willassen, Senior Software Engineer and Tech Lead at Comoyo AS – a Telenor company.  Comoyo is the company behind, the WebRTC-based video conferencing service.

The development team at Comoyo has a strong background in Internet services and Internet based TV.  They had been experimenting with WebRTC open source libraries and asked some intern students – as a Summer project – to create a video conferencing service utilising the WebRTC libraries.  Following that initiative was fully developed and released. The service has been live for just a matter of months.

With a suitably WebRTC-enabled browser (Chrome, Firefox or Opera), a user can go to and on-the-fly can grab a URL for their their own video chat room.  No registration is required and as many as 7 others can be invited to the videoconference.  It’s free, simple and quick  - and enables spontaneous group video communication.

In our call with Svein the service worked extremely well.  Call and video quality were excellent and although connectivity seemed to drop on one occasion – the session was quickly and automatically restored.

Svein made clear that the intention is to create a critical mass of users around – and to engage users to provide feedback on the service:

“We want to establish this as a service and we’ll look at ways of monetising it in time. At present we’re well enough funded so we want to create a core service.  We may look at fremium models in future.”

Comoyo’s go-to-market strategy for is to create user buzz – with user adoption creating its own “virality”.  Creating a room is simple and the company simply wants people to use the service and tell their friends and colleagues via social media. Over time the service will gain features and users will also have the option of claiming their rooms – Svein’s user account features a little Crown watermark to denote his claimed room status (a feature not yet available to the general public).

Try out for yourself:

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