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Android and WebRTC on the Telly?

WebRTC on Smart TV soon?

WebRTC on Smart TV soon?

Doug Pelton is CEO of Priologic, the company behind EasyRTC. He provided some interesting perspectives on WebRTC yesterday when interviewed at the WebRTC Conference and Expo in Santa Clara.

Pelton outlined his perspectives from this year’s event. In summary, this year the demos worked and last year they didn’t. This year there were some 20 or so demos that worked flawlessly. Last year they were a tad flaky.

But the galloping progress of the technology is the more interesting message. In Pelton’s view the tech is moving at speed away from the now tried and tested ‘horizontal’ implementations and frameworks towards use-cases or vertical implementations. And Pelton had no shortage of examples of where this tech is going.

We’ve our own perspectives too – check out out latest WebRTC Overview Video.

Public safety would seem to be one emerging vertical use-case – emergency and medical staff being able to reach devices and people with a few mouse-clicks or tablet taps. But the big consumer application has already been hinted-at by Google with its recently announced Chromecast dongle. Pelton’s view is that smart TVs will soon be shipped with Android, cameras and microphones. Video chat via smart TV will become a doddle. In short, WebRTC might just make TV stars of us all.

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